Poll Workers

Would you like to be a poll worker on Election Day?
To find out more call the voter registration office at 260-248-3164 or contact the party chairman of your choice.  You must contact one of the Party Chairpersons to become a poll worker. 
Vivian Sade Rosswurm (whitleycountydems@gmail.com) - Democratic
Jon Myers (JonMyers2@hotmail.com) - Republican
There are 5 poll worker positions for each location;  1 Republican Inspector, 1 Democratic Judge, 1 Republican Judge, 1 Democratic Poll Clerk and 1 Republican Poll Clerk.  
Their duties include:


  • Oversees Election
  • Responsible for completing ALL forms and envelopes
  • Get in touch with other workers in your precinct to make sure they know details for set-up times & food for the day
  • Contact Polling Place to find out when it will be available for set up
  • Get key from Polling Location
  • Pick up supplies on the Saturday before election & machines on Monday before election
  • Check on handicap parking, tables, chairs, outlets, and telephone.  (Some polling places will need to get handicap signs to designate parking)
  • Arrange room for best traffic flow and privacy for voters
  • Post literature
  • Issue Provisional Ballots, as necessary


  • Check Photo Identification if Inspector is unavailable
  • Assist Voter if necessary being careful not to offend
  • Activate machines for voters
  • Make sure to select correct ballot style on machine using poll pad receipt
  • Democrat Judge will administer Oath to the Inspector in the morning
  • Democratic Judge will pick up machines with Inspector on the Monday before electoin & return supplies at the end of Election day

Poll Clerk

  • Both clerks are responsible for Poll Book
  • Check Voters in on Poll Pad and print poll pad receipt
  • Get Voter Identification Number (if necessary)
  • Ask for Proof of Residency (if necessary)

Poll workers are required by law to attend one training session every election. 

Training sessions for the 2020 Primary Election are as follows:

Dates coming soon!
They are held in the Whitley County Government Center, Lower Level, Room B, 220 W Van Buren St, Columbia City, IN.