2018 General Election Candidates-Official

Clerk of the Circuit Court

  • Cindy (Auer) Doolittle (Republican)

County Auditor

  • Jana L Schinbeckler (Republican)

County Recorder

  • Rosemary Brown (Republican)

County Sheriff

  • Marcus (Marc) E Gatton (Republican)

County Assessor

  • Kimberly Kay Erdly (Republican)

County Commissioner District 2 (Columbia, Thorncreek & Washington Twps)

  • George A Schrumpf (Republican)

County Council District 1 (Smith & Union Twps, Columbia Northeast)

  • John M Barrett (Republican)

County Council District 2 (Etna Troy, Richland & Thorncreek Twps, Coumbia Northwest)

  • Kim Wheeler (Republican)

County Council District 3 (Columbia 1-8)

  • Timothy Kumfer (Republican)
  • Jamie Overdeer Cline (Democratic)

County Council District 4 (Cleveland, Jefferson & Washington Twps, Columbia South)

  • Thomas L Warner (Republican)

Cleveland Township Trustee

  • James Yeager (Republican)

Cleveland Township Board Member (3)

  • Judith Earnhart (Republican)
  • Butch Sterner (Republican)
  • Stephen M Weber (Republican)

Columbia Township Trustee

  • Michael G (Mike) Myers (Republican)

Columbia Township Board Member (3)

  • Matt Boyd (Republican)
  • Cristina Rider (Republican)
  • Brandon K Smith (Republican)
  • Jason Cline (Democratic)

Etna Troy Township Trustee

  • Elaine Western (Republican)

Etna Troy Township Board Member (3)

  • David Heckman (Republican)
  • Jeanne Rethlake (Republican)
  • Joan Western (Republican)
  • Amanda Meier (Democratic)
  • Karen Treat (Democratic)

Jefferson Township Trustee

  • Stephanie Nix (Republican)

Jefferson Township Board Member (3)

  • John W Plant (Republican)
  • Michael A Hinen (Democratic)
  • Valorie (Lorie) A Plant (Democratic)

Richland Township Trustee

  • Jennifer Patrick (Republican)

Richland Township Board Member (3)

  • Steven S Hoopingarner (Republican)
  • Eddie D Myers (Republican)
  • Stan Studebaker (Republican)

Smith Township Trustee

  • Patty L Amber (Republican)

Smith Township Board Member (3)

  • Carole Jacquay (Republican)
  • Kathy J Shively (Republican)
  • Max E Zimmerman Jr (Republican)
  • Jeanne K Raines (Democratic)

Thorncreek Township Trustee

  • Eugene J Heckman (Republican)

Thorncreek Township Board Member (3)

  • Joy Bennett (Republican)
  • Ryan Geiger (Republican)
  • Adam Hurley (Republican)

Union Township Trustee

  • Mark Roach (Republican)

Union Township Board Member (3)

  • Brandon C Forrester (Republican)
  • Richard (Dick) Kyler (Republican)
  • William Minnick (Republican)
  • Kristine L Hoppus (Democratic)
  • Nancy L Nesbitt (Democratic)

Washington Township Trustee

  • Kevin Bollinger (Democratic)

Washington Township Board Member (3)

  • Richard (Ritter) Cox (Republican)
  • Ryan Walter (Republican)
  • John A Hilligoss (Democratic)

Churubusco Town Council (2)

  • Bruce L Johnson (Republican)
  • Nathan Van Horn (Republican)
  • Todd A Shively (Democratic)

School Boards

Smith-Green Community School Board-At Large (2)

  • Jane Elliott (District 2)
  • Jeremy Hart (District 2)
  • Cathy Petrie (District 3)

Whitko Community School Board - District 4 (Washington, Monroe & Jackson Twps-Kosciusko County) (1)

  • Bill Patrick
  • Richard Jason Thomas

Whitko Community School Board - District 5 (Richland & Cleveland Townships-Whitley County) (1)

  • Annette J Arnold
  • Dale Anthony Starkey
  • Jorell T Tucker
  • Scott Werstler

Whitley County Consolidated School Board - District Columbia City (2)

  • Donald Armstrong
  • Timothy J Bloom

Whitley County Consolidated School Board - District Columbia Township (1)

  • David Smith

Whitley County Consolidated School Board - District Thorncreek Township (1)

  • Mary Ann Schaefer

Prosecuting Attorney, State & Federal Offices file at the Indiana Election Division.  You can see the list of candidates here.

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