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What is trending?
Trending, or annual adjustments, is a way for assessing officials to verify that assessed values are truly reflective of market value in use. Trending comes from a legislative mandate and began with the 2006 pay 2007 tax year. Trending may raise or lower an assessment based on the sales in a given area (also referred to as a neighborhood) and is meant to lessen the "sticker shock" of a general reassessment.
I split my property in July 2008, but my tax bill for 2008 pay 2009 still reflects the original acreage prior to the split. Why?
Tax bills are generated based on the status of the property on March 1 of any given year. In the example above, the parcel was not split for March 1, 2008; therefore the tax bill for 2008 pay 2009 cannot reflect the change in acreage that occurred in July. The County Assessor's office can figure the amount of tax owed for pay 2009 for each entity involved in the split, but individual tax bills cannot be generated. Contact the assessor's office at 260-248-3109 for more information.
My assessment is accurate, but my property taxes are too high! What can I do?
There are several exemptions available to homeowners: homestead, mortgage, veterans, age, among others. Check with the County Auditor's office to see if you qualify. Keep in mind that your tax rate is determined by the budgets set by your city and county councils, school and library boards and other entities. Contact them and let them know the burden that their decisions are causing for you. Lowering the spending of tax dollars will lower your tax bill.
I have heard the term parcel number and PIN used. What is the difference?
There is no difference. Both terms refer to the same thing. It is a unique identifier assigned to each property in the county.
I want to have my property tax bills combined, but I am told that it is not possible. Why?
In order for two or more tracts to be combined for taxing purposes there are a couple of criteria that must be met. 1. Taxpayer name must be exact on each tract to be combined. If title was taken as John Doe on tract 1 and John A Doe on tract 2, these tracts cannot be combined. 2. The tracts must be contiguous (adjoining). If the tracts are separated by roads, alleys, railroad, or another taxpayer's tract, we cannot combine your tracts. 3. Tracts must be in the same platted section. For example, a tract in Section 2 cannot be combined with a tract in Section 3. 4. Meets and bounds (unplatted parcels) cannot be combined with platted lots.
Results 1-5 of 5

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