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Can my probation be transferred?
Yes, in most cases. If you reside in another state or county, our general practice is to transfer your probation supervision to your local jurisdiction. However, transfers are subject to the approval of the receiving jurisdiction, depending on a number of different criteria. There are mandatory transfer fees. Probationers who transferred to other states or counties are required to abide by the local rules of probation, as well the rules established by the Whitley County Probation Department.
Can I leave the state while on probation?
Limited travel permission may be granted during the probation term, subject to the approval of the Court. Such travel requires a waiver of extradition, and may be subject to other restrictions, appropriate to your case.
How are cases assigned?
Cases are generally assigned to probation officers based on their risk level as determined by the IRAS assessment. However, persons on probation for certain offenses (i.e. sex offenses) are assigned to officers with specializes caseloads. Individuals already on probation with a certain officer may also be assigned to that officer for the new term of supervision.
Are my records public information?
Adult criminal conviction information is in the public domain, and may be accessed by anyone through the Whitley County Clerk's Office. However, specific personal data and information utilized by the Probation Department is not available to the public.
Does my employer have to know I am on probation?
In certain cases, you or your probation officer may be court-ordered to disclose conviction information to specific individuals, such as employers, spouses, etc. Employers may contact the probation department, and will be advised as to public information, if requested.
How do I pay my fees?
Probation fees and fees owed for community corrections services are to be paid by cash, money order, or credit card at the offices of Whitley County Probation/Community Corrections, located in the lower level of the: Whitley County Jail 101 West Market Street - Suite B Columbia City, Indiana 46725 Court costs and fines are to be paid to the Whitley County Clerk, located on the second floor of the Whitley County Courthouse at: 101 West Van Buren Street Columbia City, Indiana, 46725 The Clerk will accept payment by cash, money order, or credit card. No personal checks will be accepted.
How often do I have to report?
The frequency of reporting to your probation officer is determined by risk-assessment, as well as department policy. Case issues may require that you report more frequently or less frequently than originally determined as you term of supervision progresses.
What is a presentence investigation?
A presentence investigation is a background check and social history review conducted by the probation department prior to sentencing. A written report which summarizes the information obtained in the investigation is provided to the defendant, the Judge, the Prosecutor, and legal counsel. Presentence investigations are ordered in the majority of felony cases. The information in the presentence report is used by the Court to assist in determining appropriate sentences and/or dispositions. The information contained in the report is confidential and not accessible to the public.
Where can I get information about home detention?
Information concerning home detention supervision and other community corrections programs is available through the Whitley County Community Corrections portion of this web site.
Results 1-9 of 9