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When is my ticket due?
Your due date is 30 days from the date on the bottom of the ticket.
Why do I have to pay Court Costs on my traffic ticket?
Court Costs are part of the ticket price and are mandated by the State of Indiana.
What if I can't pay my ticket or need an extension?
You will need to write a letter to Judge Michael Rush and mail it to 101 W. Van Buren St., Columbia City, IN 46725. The clerk's office does not have the authority to modify your due date.
The date on the bottom of my ticket says it is a court date, is this true?
No, the date on the bottom of your ticket is NOT a court date. You just need to pay your ticket by your due date or you can set up a court date if you choose to deny your ticket.
What if I was cited for more than one offense?
You are only required by Indiana state law to pay Court Costs once per traffic stop, therefore, you will need to contact the Clerk's office at 260-248-3103 for the amount of your ticket.
I received a Child Restraint Violation, what do I need to do?
If it was your first Child Restraint Violation, you do not need to pay the $25.00 fine, you only need to fill out the Child Restraint Violation Agreement and mail it in by your due date.
What happens if I don't pay my ticket by the due date?
If you do not pay your ticket by the due date, a $25.00 Late Fee will be applied and your license will be sent for Suspension to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
How many points are on my license?
Call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the state where you are licensed.
How many points will this ticket put on my license?
Call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the state where you are licensed.
Can I take a Driver Safety Program class?
Yes, you will want to wait to take the class until the points from your ticket are on your license.
Results 1-10 of 10