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What year was your aerial photo's flown?
We have aerial photos in hard copy from 1980, 1992 and 1998, which are all black and white images. We have digital color images that were flown in 2003, 2005 (state provided), and 2008. The 2003 aerials have a 6" pixel resolution, 2005 have a 1' pixel resolution and the 2008 are made up of a combined 4" resolution in the urban areas and 6.75" resolution in the country.
How often are the parcel maps updated?
Once the parcel splits are properly recorded and received in the auditor's office. They are usually drawn in the GIS system within a week.
How often does the GIS website update?
The GIS website updates every night.
Is there a user fee associated with the GIS website?
Where does the information for the GIS website come from?
Proval Assessor data, MVP Tax Auditor data and maps from the Engineers Office.
How do I acquire an address?
Bring to the Engineers /GIS office proof of ownership of property to be addressed along with following the address policy that has been established.
Am I able to download data from your GIS website?
Can I purchase digital data from Whitley County?
Yes, you need to send us a letter of intended use and sign our data sharing agreement.
What are the fees associated with the purchase of data from your County?
Please see the fee schedule.
What is the best screen resolution for viewing the GIS website?
1023 x 768
Results 1-10 of 10