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What are the hours that Vital Records is open?
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
What do I need to get my birth certificate?
A. First ID-Current legal picture identification (such as driver's license or state id) is needed or if not available see: B. Second ID-Vehicle Registration C. W-2 forms D. Checkbook-must have name and address printed on checks E. Car Insurance Statement F. Payroll Stub-computer printed with first and last name printed on it G. Work ID with first and last name H. Previous year's Tax Return
I was born in Whitley County, where do I go to obtain a birth certificate?
The Whitley County Health Department, Vital Records division, maintains records for persons born in Whitley County. Written applications must be completed and identification is required of the applicant whether by mail or in person.
What is the cost of a birth certificate?
The fee is $10.00 cash or money order, no personal checks for each birth combo certificate consisting of a half sheet and a wallet size. Money orders must be made payable to the Whitley County Health Department.
My name is spelled wrong or my birth date is wrong on my birth certificate. What can I do about it?
An amendment can be filed with the local office for correction. Two documents, at least 10 years old and a picture ID must be presented to confirm the spelling of the name. An appointment is necessary.
I was born in another state, but my adoption took place in Whitley County, so why don't you have my birth record?
Even though a person was adopted in Whitley County, the record is maintained in the county/state of birth.
All of my identification was lost/stolen/destroyed and I need to get a birth certificate to establish identity. Yet, I am required to present proof of who I am in order to obtain my birth certificate. How can I prove to you who I am?
Under these circumstances a member of your immediate family may be eligible to apply for your birth certificate by presenting their identification.
What is the cost of a death certificate?
The cost is $10.00 for each one. We will accept only cash or money orders made payable to the Whitley County Health Department. No Personal Checks Are Accepted.
If a person has lived all their life in Whitley County and is buried in a Whitley County cemetery but died in another county/state, why don't you have the death certificate?
Death records are recorded in the county/state where the individual expired, no matter where he/she lived or is buried.
Results 1-9 of 9