Columbia City Candidates

A Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.  Candidates for the Democratic & Libertarian parties have until July 3, 2023 to place more candidates on the ballot.  Voters can check the map regarding which district you may live in.

Mayor of Columbia City

  • Ryan L. Daniel (Republican)

Columbia City Clerk-Treasurer

  • Rosie Coyle (Republican)

Columbia City Common Council - At Large

  • Daniel L. Weigold (Republican)

Columbia City Common Council - Northeast District

  • Leslee R. Robinson (Republican)

Columbia City Common Council - Northwest District

  • Tad Varga (Republican)

Columbia City Common Council - Southeast District

  • Jenny Reffitt-Middleton (Republican)

Columbia City Common Council - Southwest District

  • Melany Love (Libertarian)
  • Jennifer (Zartman) Romano (Republican)

Small Town Candidates

All Candidates for Churubusco, Larwill & South Whitley have until Tuesday, August 1, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. to file at the Whitley County Election Office, Courthouse, 2nd Floor, 101 W Van Buren St, Columbia City.  Contested candidates will be decided during Town Conventions that will be held in August 2023.

Churubusco Town Clerk-Treasurer

Churubusco Town Council (1)

  • Mark Pepple (Republican)

Larwill Town Clerk-Treasurer

    Larwill Town Council (3)

    • Jeffrey Griffin (Republican)

    South Whitley Town Clerk-Treasurer

    • Alyssa Knepple (Republican)

    South Whitley Town Council (3)

    • Randall C. Cokl (Republican)
    • Brock Waterson (Republican)

    Federal & State Candidates, Prosecuting Attorney, Judge of the Circuit Court & Judge of the Superior Court, will file at the Indiana Election Division, see for list of candidates who have filed for these offices.