Health Education Information
One of the core functions of the Whitley County Health Department involves providing health education services to the community. This service may be provided in schools, factories, businesses, churches, senior citizen centers, and a multitude of other locations in the form of Lunch & Learns or guest speaker presentations. The Health Educator can also connect residents to community resources, provide local health data, help organizations set up exercise clubs and wellness programs, and more.
The Health Educator is able to provide education on a variety of health topics. Topics are requested, and programs are created based upon the request. Frequently requested topics include:
Physical activity
-        Adding more physical activity to your day
-        Exercise demo
-        Ergonomics & injury prevention

-        Parenting and nutrition
-        Food groups
-        Reading food labels
-        Meal prep
-        Healthy snacks
Substance use
-        The opioid epidemic
-        Vaping
-        Alcohol abuse
-        CBD
-        Keeping your medications safe
-        Tobacco cessation

Mental health
-        Battling the seasonal blues
-        Stress & coping
-        Sympathy & empathy

-        Say it Straight
-        Healthy relationships
-        Balancing technology and time

-        Hygiene
-        HIV / STI

Dimensions: Tobacco Free Program

The Whitley County Health Department offers an evidence-based tobacco cessation program called 
Dimensions: Tobacco Free Program. The program is intended to reducing the use of tobacco in the community by providing education on healthy behaviors, changing unhealthy behaviors, coping with cravings, and maintaining change. Participants create SMART goals, learn to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones, visualize living a tobacco free life, and learn strategies to keep themselves in line with their goals.

Smoking cessation groups are led by a trained facilitator. This facilitator is also available for classroom and community presentations on the effects of smoking.

Check out the website that has information on giving up the tobacco habit.  The 1-800-784-8669 Quit Now Indiana provides counseling over the phone.  A Spanish quit line is also available by calling 1-855-335-3569.  What are you waiting for?  Call today!

Say it Straight

The Whitley County Health Department offers an evidence-based communication assertiveness program called 
Say it Straight. The cognitive reinforcement training program teaches participants how to transform relationships of submission-dominance to relationships of equal value. Say it Straight gives people the freedom and ability to explore empowering and disempowering communication styles, such as people pleasing. The program teaches about the components of each style of communication, real life examples through role plays and media examples, guided imagery, and body sculptures.

Say it Straight training programs are available from a trained facilitator. The training is five hours long, and is usually broken into one-hour segments. It is suitable for school age children through adults. Say it Straight Flyer

For more information, visit the Say it Straight website at