The Columbia City/Whitley County Joint Planning and Building Department provides planning, zoning, and building services for all of Whitley County including the communities of Columbia City, Churubusco, South Whitley, and Larwill (which falls under the County jurisdiction).

The jurisdictional area for South Whitley is detailed below. Properties outside the orange boundary fall under the County jurisdiction, unless they are included in the Churubusco or Columbia City jurisdictional areas.

South Whitley Jurisdiction

The Columbia City/Whitley County Joint Planning and Building Department staff assists both existing and future residents with applications for zoning, variance and development proposals, as well as building permits for dwellings and accessory structures. The developers and development professionals are provided with information and assistance on requirements and regulations regarding zoning matters and subdivision plats.

The Department also staffs the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals for each of the jurisdictional areas. Indiana Planning and Zoning Law regulates membership, responsibilities, terms, and qualifications for the Plan Commissions (I.C.,216) and the Board of Zoning Appeals (I.C. 36-7-4-902,905).

South Whitley Plan Commission

South Whitley Board of Zoning Appeals

South Whitley Comprehensive Plan

South Whitley Redevelopment Commission