Infraction Deferrals

Our Infraction Deferral program is a 6 month program and is $192.50 in cost.  This amount pays the ticket and enters you on the deferral program.  (Do not pay both.  If you pay the ticket, a judgment will be entered and you will not be eligible for the deferral program.)  After entering into the deferral agreement, your ticket will be dismissed at the end of the 6 month period and you will not receive points on your driving record, provided that you do not receive any further violations within that time period.  The deferral program is for speeding citations up to 20 mph over the speed limit and for drivers with 4 or less points on their driving record.  CDL drivers and probationary drivers are not eligible for the deferral.  If you think that you may qualify for the deferral, please fill out the attached page and our office will verify if you qualify for the program and information will be sent to you within two business days.  Please contact our office if you have any questions at 260-244-3000.
If you would like a printable form to mail or fax to our office, click here.
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