Expungement  of Juvenile Records 
A person who is the subject of a juvenile delinquency proceeding and/or adjudication may file a petition for expungement with the Court. If the Court grants the expungement petition, all records pertaining to the delinquency matter shall either be destroyed or provided to the petitioner.
Click here for the Expungment of Juvenile Records form.

Probation Records Request
The Whitley County Probation Department follows rules and guidelines for confidentiality required by local, state, and federal standards. The records maintained by the department are the property of the sentencing courts, and the unauthorized use of these records is prohibited.
Access to these records is only possible with the authorization of either the Whitley Circuit Court or the Whitley Superior Court.
The courts will consider the release of specified records if a written request is provided to the Chief Probation Officer. This request should include purpose for which the records are to be used. The Chief Probation Officer or a designee shall be responsible for responding the records request.
Individuals making such a request should complete this form to be presented in person to the Whitley County Probation Department.