Individuals under the supervision of the Whitley County Probation Department and the Whitley County Community Corrections Program are required to pay user and program fees. Failure to comply with payments may result in the matter being turned over to a collection agency which will result in 30% service fee as authorized by statute. The following outlines the fee amounts collected by each of these entities:



Administrative Probation Fee:
Felony Probation $100.00
Juvenile Probation - Formal $100.00
Misdemeanor Probation $50.00


Initial Probation Fee:

Felony Initial Fee $100.00
Juvenile Initial Fee - Formal $50.00
Juvenile Initial Fee - Informal $25.00
Misdemeanor Initial Fee $50.00

Monthly Probation Fee:

Felony Monthly Fee $30.00
Juvenile Monthly Fee - Formal $15.00
Juvenile Monthly Fee - Informal $15.00
Misdemeanor Monthly Fee $20.00

Other Fees:

Drug Test Fee
$20.00 per Test
Juvenile Detention Reimbursement Fee
$40.00 per Day
We are excited to announce that we now accept debit/credit card payments through GovPayNet! If you are interested in making a payment with a debit/credit card (service charges apply)  you can do so in office  or via telephone.  Please contact the office at (260) 248-3117 for more information.  
The following document is available for viewing and outlines and fees for community corrections programs including: community service, work release, home detention, and the alcohol and drug program. Click here for the fee schedule.