Whitley County began E-Filing on June 1, 2017 and it will be mandatory for Attorneys to E-File on Monday, July 31, 2017. For more information click here.  
Pro Se (filing without an attorney) cases will still be accepted in our office.
Filing fees are Effective July 1, 2017
Adoptions (AD) $157.00
Civil Plenary (PL) $157.00
Civil Tort (CT) $157.00
Collection Cases (CC) $157.00
Estates (ES/EU) $177.00
Expungments (XP) $157.00
Guardianships (GU) $177.00
Juvenile Paternity (JP) $196.00*
Marriage Dissolution-with Children (DC) $177.00*
Marriage Dissolution-without Children (DN) $177.00*
Mental Health (MH) - No Cost
Miscellaneous (MI) $157.00
Mortgage Foreclosure (MF) $157.00
Protective Order (PO) - No Cost
Reciprocal Support (RS) $157.00
Small Claim (SC) $97.00 (if filed in office)
                          $87.00 (if E-filed) 
Specialized Driving Privileges (MI) $157.00
Transfer Small Claim to Civil Court (CC) $75.00
Trusts (TR) $177.00
Civil and Small Claims Actions:

The filing fees above reflect the amount for one named Defendant. A $10.00 service fee shall be collected for EACH additional Defendant that is named or added. A $10.00 garnishee service fee shall be collected for each Garnishee Defendant that is named or added in EXCESS of THREE (3). These fees do not apply to an action filed through the Indiana Electronic Filing System adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Service by Sheriff:  For all cases where service by the Sheriff is requested, a $28.00 service of process fee shall be collected per case and paid to the County Clerk. For post judgment service, an additional one time fee of $28.00 shall be collected and paid to the County Clerk. 
*As of January 7, 2015 a $20.00 Alternative Dispute Resolution fee is included in the cost - In addition to the fees required under I.C. 33-37-4-4, the Clerk of the Court shall collect from the party filing a Petition for Legal Separation, Paternity, or Dissolution of Marriage under I.C. 31 and Alternative Dispute Resolution Fee in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00).  See Order.