Child Support

KIDS Information Hotline - 1-800-840-8757

What is KIDS?

The KIDS information Hotline is a voice response system operated by the Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Family and Children - Child Support Bureau. The KIDS system can be reached through your telephone, and allows access to general information about child support programs as well as specific support payment and court order information as stored on the Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System (ISETS). Information regarding child support payments posted by both the Clerk of the Whitley Circuit Court and State Child Support Bureau can be accessed through the KIDS system.

When Can I Use KIDS?

General information regarding child support programs can accessed 24 hours a day. Child support payments and court order information can be accessed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Tips for Using KIDS

Before Calling:

1) Have a pen and paper ready to write down the information you hear.

2) Have your Social Security number ready when calling for specific support payment or court order information.

Using KIDS:

KIDS greets you with a menu of available options. Listen and select the menu option you wish to use by pressing the correct button on you telephone keypad. The KIDS computer will give you selected information concerning any one or all of your cases.

While in the KIDS menu system, you may press:

(#) to return to a previous menu

(0) at the end of any menu option to reach a customer service representative

(8) to have menu options repeated

(*) at the end of any menu option to end the call

Tax intercepts

Questions regarding tax intercepts should be directed to the Child Support Division of Whitley County Prosecutor's Office at (260) 244-3000.
Child Support Information Form
Child Support Address Change Form 

Income Withholding Order Instructions

Income Withholding Order Form

Petition for modification of Support-CIRCUIT COURT
Petition for modification of Support-SUPERIOR COURT
Petition for modification of Custody/Parenting Time-CIRCUIT COURT
Petition for modification of Custody/Parenting Time-SUPERIOR COURT
Petition for rule to show cause-CIRCUIT COURT

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Child Support Name or Address ChangeInformation for Persons Making Support Payments
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