Permits - Pond & Right of Way Cut

Pond Permits
Section 5.19 of the Whitley County Zoning Ordinance provides the development standards for ponds created within the zoning jurisdiction of Whitley County.  The process of obtaining a Pond Permit is shared between the Planning & Building Department and the Engineer/Surveyor Department.  The permit application is prepared in the Planning & Building Department.  The permit and site are reviewed by the Engineer/Surveyor Department and the Health Department.  Please see the generalized requirements here.  For a list of information required to be submitted with a plan for a Pond Permit application, click here.
Right-of-Way Cut Permits
Right-of-way cuts for public or private utility are presented to the Whitley County Commissioners for approval or denial.  The permit application must be provided to the Whitley County Auditor in triplicate for presentation to the Commissioners.  Prior to the Commissioner's meeting, the County Engineer will review the permit application to verify compliance with specifications, standards, and policies of the county.  Please see the permit application here.

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