Child Support

Every child has the right to the care and support of both parents. The child support program enforces this right.
The Whitley County Prosecutor's IV-D Child Support Office offers services that include:
  • Locating absent parents
  • Establishing paternity
  • Establishing and enforcing support orders
  • Enforcing medical support orders
  • Collecting current and past due child support payments
  • Review and adjustment of current support orders
Enforcement tools include:
  • Withholding child support from an absent parent's income through income withholding orders.
  • Intercepting federal and state tax refunds and lottery and casino winnings
  • Reporting unpaid child support of $1,000 or more to credit bureaus
  • Placing liens on vehicles
  • Suspending driver's licenses, passports, or professional licenses
Who can join the IV-D Program?
  • Persons receiving TANF benefits for children in their care must pursue child support services through our office.
  • Any custodial party can get IV-D services by completing an application for services and submitting it to our office.

Services that are NOT provided include:

  • Custody or visitation dispute resolution (You must contact the court in which your case was filed.)
  • College Order Establishment
  • Unreimbursed Medical Order Establishment
  • Uninsured medical expense reimbursement calculation
  • Tax intercept resolution (Please call (317) 234-5700)


Functions and Services

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