Home Detention is a program with a target population of males and females convicted of non-violent felonies and misdemeanors. Home Detention participants are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home Detention monitoring can be done by standard monitoring, GPS monitoring and/or Soberlink monitoring. Program participants will be required to report to Community Corrections as directed for case management meetings as well as participate in individualized case plans and recommended programming. Home Detention Field Officers supervise the movement of participants both inside and outside of the home. Home Detention participants must pre schedule all movement and all movement must be approved by staff. Participants will be permitted to attend work, religious services, and programming.


Home Detention Supervisor: Virgil Fulk

Case Manager: Karah Gist


All Home Detention participants are required to pay fees weekly or bi-weekly and maintain a current balance on fees. Failure to maintain a current balance on fees could result in violation.



To print a home detention application click here - Home Detention and Adult Residential Work Release Application