The South Whitley Plan Commission is a body of 9 members. The Commission is charged with the responsibility of guiding the development of South Whitley by: preparing a comprehensive plan including a land use plan, enforcing land use zoning and subdivision regulation ordinances, reviewing and approving subdivision plats, and advising the Town Council on zoning map and ordinance amendments. The Commission conducts public hearings for zoning and subdivision applications.
For more information regarding the application procedures for zoning changes and subdivision plats, refer to the process documents listed below. The deadline schedules for the Commission meetings are also listed. For further information, please contact the Department at 260-248-3112.
2022 Member(s):
  * Wendy Bills, President
  * Brock Waterson, Vice President
  * Sherri Ayres, Representative to the BZA
  * Braylynn Anderson
  * Randy Cokl
  * Timothy Gable
  * Jenna Reiff
  * Anna Simmons
  * vacant
Meeting Date, Time and Location:
  * 3rd Monday of the month @ 6:30 p.m. EST (unless otherwise noted on the calendar below)
  * South Whitley Town Hall
     118 E. Front Street
Miscellaneous Information
  * For more information relative to rezoning and subdivision application procedures,
     meeting agendas, and zoning and subdivision regulations, or becoming a Plan Commission member,
     please contact the Department at (260) 248-3112.