The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 640 miles of asphalt, chip and seal and gravel roads.  The Highway Department receives its funding from a portion of the gasoline tax collected at the pump throughout the State of Indiana.  The taxes collected are distributed to the State of Indiana, Counties, Cities and Towns for the maintenance of the streets and roadways.  We also receive Wheel Tax revenue collected at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles when license plates are purchased.  The County Council can also allot money from the Rainy Day, CAGIT and CEDIT funds for the Highway Department.  The County Highway does not receive property tax.  The collection of Property Tax funds County Departments and Schools but not the Highway Department.
During the Spring Summer, Fall and Winter the County Highway Department has many duties in caring for and preserving the roadways.  The Spring brings potholes to patch and roads to get ready for Summer sealing and reconstruction projects.  In the Summer we do our chip and seal and resurfacing projects.  We also mow roadsides and continue to fill potholes.  In the Fall we are finishing our Summer road project.  We also cut brush, ditch and berm and get roads ready for the next year's road program.  In the Winter we are plowing snow and sanding roads.  All through the year we are replacing culverts, working on drainage issues, replacing road signs, repairing equipment and anything else that needs addressed to keep the roads safe for the residents and guests of Whitley County.
The County Highway employs 21 people.  They include 1 Engineer, 1 Main Foreman, 1 Assistant Foreman, 1 Mechanic, 1 Assistant Mechanic, 15 Truck Driver/Equipment Operators and 1 Office Manager.  We also hire a couple of Part Time employees to mow roadsides in the Summer.