The County Council is the legislative branch of the county government that controls all the spending and revenue collections in the county.  They are responsible for setting priorities for the allocation of public funds, establishing salaries and other compensation, authorizing the expenditure of public funds for specific purposes, fixing tax rates and levies, and authorizing the borrowing of money in the form of bonds and notes.
Representatives are elected from county districts.  The council members serve four year terms.  For the purpose of electing County Councilmen, the county is divided into four council districts, from each of which one councilman is elected.  In addition, three councilmen are elected from the county at large, making a total of seven.
John Barrett
Member, District 1
Smith, Union, Columbia NE
  Thomas Warner
Member, District 4
Cleveland, Jefferson, Washington, Columbia South
Kim Wheeler
Vice President, District 4
Cleveland, Jefferson, Washington, South Columbia
  William Overdeer
Member, District
Chad Banks
President, District
  Timothey Kumfer
Member, District 3
Columbua 1-8
Thor Hodges
Member, District