Community Corrections

Community Corrections strives to reduce recidivism by assisting offenders in their decision-making process. The Department coordinates various programs including: Work Release, Home Detention, Community Service, Alcohol and Drug Program, and the T.R.O.Y. Center (Teaching and Reaching Our Youth). 
The Community Corrections Director is Paula Worden.
Scale of Justice


Whitley County Community Corrections

Fee Schedule

January 1, 2015

Adult Programming Fees

Community Service

Initial Community Service Fee                                                                                                                             $ 100.00

Community Service Transfer Fee                                                                                                                         $   25.00


Home Detention


Home Detention daily fee if hourly wage is less than $10.00 per hour                                                            $     7.00


Home Detention daily fee if hourly wage is greater than $10.00 per hour                                                     $ one hour's wage per day


Home Detention with electronic monitoring or G.P.S.                                                                                       $   12.00 per day or one hour's wage per day whichever is greater


Home Detention/Transitional Living   daily fee                                                                                                    $   18.00

Home Detention Transfer-In Cases -must pay the daily fee of referring county or Whitley County's fee, which ever is greater.
Adult Residential Work Release

Work Release daily fee is a minimum of  $18.00 per day or 20% of net income (whichever is greater)*    $   18.00 minimum*

*Fee includes facility services and drug screens while under work release supervision

Work Release with G.P.S.                                                                                                                                        $   25.00


Work Release Supervision 10 days or less to serve* 

*Intake fee and daily fees must be paid in full at the time of intake.                                                               $   50.00 intake fee plus $20.00 daily fee


Work Release Supervision 11 to 29 days to serve*                                                                                               $   20.00 daily fee

*Fees must be paid in full at intake.


Cell Phone Fine                                                                                                                                                        $   20.00


Transfer Case Management Fee                                                                                                                           $ 250.00


Juvenile Programming Fees


Juvenile Community Service fee                                                                                                                           $  50.00

Home Detention                                                                                                                                                      $    5.00 daily

Home Detention/G.P.S. Electronic Monitoring                                                                                                     $    7.00 daily



Other Programming Fees


Alcohol and Drug Program 33-19-8-5


Assessment                                                                                                                                                              $ 100.00

Assessment/Case Management                                                                                                                          $ 200.00

Education Fee                                                                                                                                                         $ 200.00         

Alcohol and Drug Case Management Transfer                                                                                                  $   50.00


Relapse Prevention


Relapse Prevention Work Book                                                                                                                              $   10.00


Moral Reconation Therapy (M.R.T.)


M.R.T. Work Book                                                                                                                                                      $   25.00

M.R.T. Class-Transfer Cases                                                                                                                                     $ 225.00




Drug Testing Fees                                                                                                                                                     $20.00-80.00


Program Meals                                                                                                                                                         $     1.86

Transitional Living                                                                                                                                                     $   18.00


Program components that assess user fees under IC 31-6-4-18, IC 35-38-2-1, or IC 35-38-2.5-6, or collect any other user fee from a participant in a community correction program component shall provide to the department of correction, for approval, a written fee schedule, approved by the local advisory board, for each program component. The fee schedule shall specify how the fees are determined, including the rationale for determining the minimum and maximum amounts assessed for each program and the policy for serving the indigent population. If a participant is released unsuccessfully overpayment of fees are non-refundable.  However, if a participant's sentence is modified overpayments will first be applied to other open accounts and remaining balance will be returned to participant.



In the event that a program participant is unable to pay user fees or class fees he/she can apply for temporary assistance status. This application will be reviewed by the Conduct Adjustment Board.  If approved, the participant can perform up to ten days of community service at the rate of minimum wage.  Fees will be adjusted by the number of community service hours completed within the ten days.  The Executive Committee must review and approve all requests for permanent assistance status.




Whitley County Work Release will follow the Indiana Department of Corrections Sexual Assault Prevention, Investigation, Victim Support and Reporting Policy; 02-01-115.


Zero Tolerance:

We are committed to zero tolerance for sexual conduct between staff, volunteers, visitors, or participants whether committed by staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors, or other participants. Brochures will be accessible to, and posters will be visible by all persons in the facility. 


Duty to Report:

All staff, contractors and volunteers have a duty to report all allegations or knowledge of actual or threatened sexual abuse, harassment or sexual conduct taken place within Whitley County Community Corrections.


Staff Orientation and Training:

New employee orientation and annual in-service training will be required for all staff.  Brochures and posters will be made available to support training received.  All staff will be aware of zero tolerance, duty to report, and that staff found to have engaged in any form of sexual conduct with a participant is subject to criminal prosecution.  Orientation/training will also include detecting and preventing sexual conduct and signs of sexual conduct.


Volunteers, Interns, Contractors and Visitors:

Those having contact with participants will receive the same training and brochure provided to staff.  Visitors will receive information regarding zero tolerance, detection, reporting and sanctions when signing in the facility. 


P.R.E.A. Coordinator:

Responsible for all aspects of ensuring Facility procedures and staff are in compliance with P.R.E.A. Policy.


P.R.E.A. Committee:

P.R.E.A. Coordinator will chair the committee.   Work Release Administrator, a Case Manager and a Shift Supervisor will participate as committee members.   The committee will meet monthly; minutes of each meeting will be maintained by P.R.E.A. Coordinator. 


Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T.):

A Sexual Assault Response Team provides a coordinated, efficient and supportive response to victims.  Whitley County Community Corrections will establish a S.A.R.T. along with alternate members for each position. 



At intake participants will receive information regarding zero tolerance, prevention and intervention, self-protection, reporting, treatment and sanctions both verbally and in writing.  Participants will sign a receipt of P.R.E.A. information to be filed with their intake packet.  P.R.E.A. information will also be included in the participants program handbooks. 


As part of the intake process all participants will be screened utilizing the gender specific "Sexual Violence Assessment Tool".  Those determined "Aggressor Highly Likely" will be assigned appropriate housing.


Facility Prevention:

All prevention activities will be reviewed, assessed for adjustment and documented no less than annually.

§  Senior Shift Supervisor and Work Release Administrator shall conduct and document unannounced rounds to identify and deter staff sexual harassment and/or abuse.  

§  P.R.E.A. Coordinator and Work Release Administrator will tour the facility quarterly to identify areas that may require additional electronic or staff monitoring to prevent sexual contact.

§  A staffing plan that provides adequate coverage to provide safety for staff, participants and the public will be maintained.  Administrative staff will review staffing levels/coverage needs at least annually.


Cross Gender Viewing and Search Limits:

To make Participants aware that a staff of the opposite sex is present, all staff will do a complete facility walk through at the start of each shift. They will announce they are on duty and specify the length of their shift.  Pat downs/frisk searches of Participants will only be conducted by same sex Staff.  Whitley County Work Release does not authorize strip searches. 


Participants are required to be fully dressed when in common areas.  They are only allowed to be undressed in the bathroom; there is no video monitoring of the bathrooms. 


Reporting Sexual Conduct:

Participants may report sexual conduct to any staff person.  If a Participant requests a specific staff person to report allegations; the staff person requested will respond. 

All staff, volunteers and contractors have a duty to report if they have reason to believe actual or threatened sexual conduct has occurred.  Reports will be made to the PREA Coordinator and/or Work Release Administrator privately.   Reporting staff shall not discuss the allegations with anyone other than the P.R.E.A. Coordinator and/or Work Release Administrator.

Upon receipt of a report of actual or threatened sexual conduct The P.R.E.A. Coordinator and/or Work Release Administrator will immediately ensure the safety of the alleged victim.


Investigation of Sexual Conduct:

Investigations of sexual conduct in the facility will be forwarded to local Law Enforcement.  P.R.E.A. Coordinator and Work Release Administrator will work cooperatively with local Police.  


Medical and Mental Health Services:

When there is an allegation of actual sexual conduct the victim will be referred to medical and mental health services at no cost.  Victims have the right to refuse medical/mental health services after being informed of the confidentiality and potential value of the services.  To refuse services they must sign a refusal and release of responsibility for medical/mental health treatment.


Victim Support:

Victims will be provided access to community based victim advocates for support related to sexual abuse.


Statistical Reporting:

The P.R.E.A. Coordinator will maintain records of all reports of sexual conduct at the facility and comply with all State and Federal reporting requirements.


Program Evaluation:

Annually, P.R.E.A. Coordinator and Work Release Administrator will evaluate the efforts to eliminate sexual conduct in the facility and ensure compliance with administrative procedures.  Evaluation reports will include a comparison of the current year's data and corrective actions with those from prior years and provide an assessment of the facility's progress in addressing sexual conduct.



P.R.E.A. Hotline:

Local - 260-244-2369

Toll Free - 1-855-315-0311


Whitley County Sexual Misconduct / Prison Rape Elimination Act Reporting Hotline.

Reporting parties should be aware of the following:

§  All allegations will be investigated

§  The allegation will be discussed with the named victim

§  The allegation will be disclosed only to those who need to know to ensure victim safety and to investigate the allegation.

When reporting incidents of sexual misconduct or assault please include the following information:

§  Date and location of assault

§  Names of the Victim, Suspects and witnesses

§  Any other information that may assist in the investigation process

If we may contact you for further information please leave your name and phone number.   Any further questions please contact:


·        Work Release Administrator and P.R.E.A. Coordinator

-         Phone:  244-2313

-         Email:


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